Owners of famous brands such as Itallian Color, Itallian Color Sopremo, Itallian Color Coloratto, Trivitt, Innovator, Hairway Chantilly, Kerasoft and Extreme Up. There are around 200 items, among them permanent and semi-permanent color, items for treatment, hydration and transformation that come to all salons of the country through over 400 distributors.


We work very hard to bring new products, formulas increasingly green, market trend and manufacturing of instructive materials.


Find products ideal to each of the objectives below

  • Smoothing

    For those searching for a transformation and hair treatment line with results that goes from the opening of curls and relaxation to progressive smoothing.

  • Treatment

    For those searching for a deep treatment solution, Post-Chemistry with amazing hydration, closing of cuticles, ends repair, shine and smoothness.

  • Day by Day

    Intended to daily care with color or natural hair, we present the kit of products perfect to maintain cleansing, hydrated and healthy hair.

  • Style

    For those who searches for a complete line for hairstyle finishing with active ingredients that meet the most different needs, with long-lasting results and resistant to moisture.

  • Color

    For men and women searching for a color system with low content of ammonia and dyes of high-technology resistant to light and washing. There are 75 colors that can be mixed with each other.



With over 30 thousand professionals trained and certified per year throughout Brazil, the technical center Itallian Hairtech is the new concepts creator and inspiring. Has the largest technical teams of the country to serve and clarify use procedures of our products.