Complete line of transformation and hair treatment, Innova provides results ranging from opening of curls and relaxations, to progressive smoothing.



Recovery Mask

Indicated for chemically treated hair with smoothing or relaxation that returns the nutrition, hydration and softness of the threads. It is enriched with emollient agents that form a protective film against dryness and roughness, as well as amino acids that restore damaged hair and regain strength by sealing cuticles for lighter, frizz-free and easy-to-comb yarns.



Revitalizing Shampoo

Indicated for hair chemically treated with smoothing and relaxation that provides maximum shine and softness for yarn without frizz. It has the combination of noble oils, amino acids and silicone that leave hair strengthened after the chemical process, recover and realign the damaged cuticles and intensely nourish the yarns so they are soft to the touch, easy to comb and disciplined.



Revitalizing Conditioner

Indicated for chemically treated hair with smoothing and relaxation that returns yarn shine and makes combing easier. It replenishes the amino acids and nutrients that increase the resistance against breakage and conserves the conditioned wires for more time, in addition to providing a softer and clearer hair with emollient elements that form an antifrizz protective film.



Brazilian Keratin

Indicated for rebellious and wavy hair, to reduce the volume with the alignment of the hair, in addition to providing extra gloss and softness. Modifies the structure of the hair fiber temporarily with the alignment of the yarns for a smooth effect while restoring the damaged cuticles and fills the areas with loss of mass, which leaves the hair more full-bodied, disciplined, shiny and soft .



Revitalizing Leave-in

Indicated for hair chemically treated with smoothing and relaxations that preserves the integrity of the hair from the heat damage of the dryer and flat iron. Nourishes the inner part of the hair fiber and restores damaged hair during brushing and plank with cuticle closure and alignment, which provides a smooth effect without frizz, with more 3D shine and softness.