Permanent color with exclusive Anti-Age action that protects hair fiber from oxidation (main factor of hair aging), treating scalp, benefiting strengthening and regeneration of hair.


Permanent Color

Itallian Color Sopremo 60g

Itallian Color Sopremo is a permanent color that provides full coverage of white hair with color of superior quality and loyal to the color palette that lasts longer in the hair. It is rich in anti-oxidant agents that protect from early fading and ensure a bright and intense color, in addition to emollient ingredients that do not cause dryness and leave hair soft and smooth after color. Has texture that provides an uncomplicated application and of easy rinse.




Itallian Color Sopremo Hydration Mask has anti-oxidant action for colored hair that restores hydration and protects color from fading with anti-aging action. Prevents that the color of the colored hair changes or fades early, with its formula that protects against the loss of pigment and provides intense hydration with frizz reduction and enhance of shine and smoothness of hair.


Sulfate Free

Shampoo Itallian Color Sopremo

Shampoo Itallian Color Sopremo sulfate-free is indicated for colored hair, gently cleanse without removing pigments and prolongs color duration for longer time. Repairs the internal and external part of the hair with amino acids and also reduces frizz, once it prevents the excess removal of the natural protection that covers hair fiber during washing with its formula rich in anti-oxidant for a hair with intense and protected color.


Thermal Protection and Frizz-Reduction


Itallian Color Sopremo Finishing Balm is indicated for colored hair with thermal protection and that reduces drying time with hair dryer and avoids fading of hair. Repairs the internal and external part of the hair and maintains hair disciplined and protected from moisture with frizz-reduction, besides providing superior shine and smoothness with the alignment of the cuticles.


Color Protection


Conditioner Itallian Color Sopremo is indicated for colored hair that protects color from fading with anti-oxidant and facilitates to detangle after washing with shampoo. Has repair action that acts inside and outside the hair, in addition to hydration and emollient elements that enhances lipid film that leaves hair smooth and detangled for a longer time and with cuticles closed to avoid loss of color.