Developed from Legendary Oils, Kerasoft aligns, reduces the volume and protects hair from dryness, providing shine and luminosity. Complete treatment for progressive, bleaching and mattifying.


Kerasoft Professional

Kit Keraplex

Itallian Kerasoft Kit Keraplex treats and protects hair during and after bleaching with replenishment of mass and sealing of cuticles. The combination of proteins and amino acids of Itallian Kerasoft Kit Keraplex makes bleaching process safer for preventing the loss of hydration, repairing damages and aligning cuticles so that hair is stronger to breakage. With integrity of hair fiber preserved during and after depigmentation, strands become stronger with preserved material and healthy shine and softness.
1 Itallian Resistance Pro-Bleaching Kerasoft Kit Keraplex 01 250ml
1 Itallian Post-Bleaching Equalizer Kerasoft Kit Keraplex 02 250ml


Kerasoft Professional


Itallian Kerasoft Maintenance Kit is indicated for all types of hair, because it cleanses hair without drying and facilitates detangling with conditioning, alignment of the hair surface and anti-frizz protection. Ingredients aligned to the state-of-the-art technology of Itallian Kerasoft provide daily hydration that hair needs to recover damages with shine and softness.
1 Hydration Shampoo Itallian Kerasoft 250ml
1 Conditioner Itallian Kerasoft 250ml


Kerasoft Professional

Kit Keraliss

Itallian Kerasoft Kit Keraliss provides volume and frizz reduction of curly, wavy or thick hair. Itallian Kerasoft Kit Keraliss promotes deep cleansing with removal of residues and impurities accumulated in the fiber and prepares hair to receive progressive smoothing formaldehyde and glyoxylic acid free, that leaves hair with smooth and disciplined effect, with natural movement, shine and smoothness.
1 Purifying Shampoo Itallian Kerasoft 1L
1 Brush Itallian Keraliss Kerasoft 1L


Kerasoft Professional


Hydration Toning Mask Itallian Kerasoft Silver is indicated for blond, bleached and with streaks that neutralizes yellowish and gives platinum effect to hair. Contains temporary and semi-permanent dyes that ensure long-lasting color to resistant hair from 1 to 8 washings, in addition to ingredients that protect hair from fading, sealing cuticles and anti-frizz action, and of dryness with long-lasting hydration, intense shine and smooth.


Kerasoft Professional


Hydration Toning Mask Itallian Kerasoft Red enhances and revitalizes red color of the hair and simultaneously provides dyes hydration against dryness. Its cream gel texture contains semi-permanent dyes that leave red hair bright for up to 8 washings and protects from fading and frizz with ingredients that seal cuticles and facilitate brushing of smooth and brilliant shine hair.


Kerasoft Professional


Hydration Toning Mask Itallian Kerasoft Ambar enhances dark color hair with brilliant shine. Eliminates redish aspect that dark and brown hair has, when they fade over time, with semi-permanent colors that last up to 8 washings. Besides intensifying the color, its formula contains ingredients that maintain cuticles closed for no-frizz hair, provide smoothness, detangling and easy to brush with deep hydration and anti-oxidant protection.