Exclusively for maintenance of blond hair or with strands, Trivitt Color Blonde line repairs, nourishes and neutralizes yellowish and orange shades caused due to dye wear. Provides platinum shine since the first application.


Professional Trivitt Color Blonde


Itallian Trivitt Color Blonde Shampoo is indicated for blond hairs, because repairs damages of the damaged hair in an intelligent and continuous form, with natural origin amino acids. It has the biomimicry technology, which reproduces the process of repair of the damages of the own hair, and with the release of amino acids that gradually increase hair resistance. Its formula smoothly cleans, besides providing silkiness, brilliant shine and brush easily with anti-dry protection.


Professional Trivitt Color Blonde

Leave-in Conditioner

Itallian Trivitt Color Blonde Leave-In Conditioner indicated for blond hair, because it repairs damaged areas of the hair in an intelligent form and according to the intensity of the damages, besides detangling and protecting. It has formula with biomimicry keratin with high affinity with fiber, which repairs damaged hair, internally and externally, in addition to enhances brushing and leaving hair smoother, more protected from split ends and shine.


Professional Trivitt Color Blonde


Itallian Trivitt Color Blonde Biomimetic Fluid provides intelligent and immediate repair of hair after bleaching, highlights or strands enhancing strength and post-chemistry conditioning. Acts directly in the damaged hair fiber after rinsing bleaching and gives resistance to hair breakage, in addition to replenish with nutrients and hydration that maintain hair colored for longer, easy to brush and enhances bright and smoothness.


Professional Trivitt Color Blonde


Itallian Trivitt Color Blonde Mattifying Shampoo is indicated for blond hair, because it neutralizes the yellowing of the hair, by repairing platinum shine and anti-oxidant protection. Its formula contains active ingredients that protect luminous and grayish blond, at the same time that protects from aggressions that give cause to color oxidation within the strands and prevents the appearance of stains.


Professional Trivitt Color Blonde


Itallian Trivitt Color Blonde Mattifying Conditioner is indicated for blond hair, because it eliminates the yellowing of the hair, detangles and protects color for a longer time. It contains violet pigments that neutralize yellowish blond, while its formula, rich in anti-oxidants protects the hair from the aggressions that affects the color of the hair with the sealing of the cuticles, which also eases brushing and enhances shine.


Professional Trivitt Color Blonde


Itallian Trivitt Color Blonde Dark Blue Jelly is an immediate treatment for blond hair that neutralizes the yellowish color of the hair, recovers platinum shine, soft touch and color with longer protection. Penetrates through hair fiber and eliminates yellowing caused by oxidation of the color within the hair with wear of the intended grayish blond effect. Besides, its formula is rich in anti-oxidants, agents that protect the blond color of hair from fading and stains, and in conditioning active ingredients that provide the feeling of fly away, smooth and detangling hair.