One and exclusive line with Hair Protection FPC 31.6 factor for colored hair. Protects dyes of oxidation caused by solar rays.


Professional Trivitt Color


Itallian Trivitt Color Shampoo is indicated for colored hairs, gently cleanses and prolongs the color within the strands. Contains elements that nourish inside the hair and preserve sealed and aligned cuticles, which ensure superior shine with hair tone enhancement, frizz protection and deep silky touch and disentangling.


Professional Trivitt Color

Leave-In Conditioner

Itallian Trivitt Color Leave-In Conditioner is indicated for colored hair that detangles strands and enhances color long-lasting. Contains nutrients that treats even the deepest layers of the hair, so that it can retain the pigments of the color for longer time, in addition to active ingredients that promote the sealing of cuticles to ensure total resistance to fading, frizz control, intensive shine and smoothness.


Professional Trivitt Color


Itallian Trivitt Color Enlightening Jelly is indicated for colored hair, because it protects color from fading, with the end of porosity and revives hair with powerful nutrients. Treats porosity of the colored hair with repair and sealing of protector cuticles, in addition to recover the elasticity responsible for resistance to damages, which ensures a bright color and brilliant shine for longer time.