Trivitt Detox line was formulated with exclusive blend of active ingredients extracted from natural and renewable sources that revitalize and detox hair exposed to daily aggression. Provide a deep feeling of cleanliness and freshness, besides treating scalp controlling dandruff, redness, itch and balancing oiliness.


Professional Trivitt Detox


Itallian Trivitt Detox Shampoo Anti-Oiliness controls oiliness of scalp with deep cleansing of hair. Provides softness and freshness for oily hair with control of production of oiliness with purification of scalp for shine and frizz-free hair.


Professional Trivitt Detox


Itallian Trivitt Detox Shampoo Dandruff is indicated for oily hair, controls peeling scalp, reduces itching, rash and redness with cell regeneration control. Cleans hair without leaving hair rough with ingredients that cleanse scalp and stimulates circulation for better functioning of sebaceous gland. In 28 days of use, it is possible to feel the reduction of dandruff by 90.0% and of itch by 84.8%.


Professional Trivitt Detox


Itallian Trivitt Detox Crystal Conditioner is indicated for oily hair and dandruff hair that leaves hair light, soft and healthy glow. Transparent texture of Itallian Trivitt Detox Crystal Conditioner detangles without leaving hair heavy and provides stimulating freshness for scalp circulation.


Professional Trivitt Detox


Itallian Trivitt Detox Invigorating Serum reduces the hair loss and stimulates the growing of new ones. Refreshes and purifies scalp, while stimulating circulation for better functioning of the glands and strengthening of hair to grow 1,259% more within 60 days of use, and the reduction by 70.6% of the loss.