Developed from natural elements among technological active ingredients, Trivitt line provides deep hydration, cauterization, damage repair and highlights natural shine of the hair.


Professional Trivitt 00


Trivitt Shampoo Frequent Use 00 is indicated for daily use, for all types of hair. Restores moisturizing, provides shine and leaves hair soft and easy to brush Formula with pH 4.90 – 5.90 cleans in a smooth and efficient manner, in addition to contain active ingredients that recovers the weakened part of the damaged hair, providing long-lasting and intense hydration, protection against dryness and flexibility, leaving hair much softer and easy to be combed.


Professional Trivitt 01


Itallian Trivitt Shampoo Anti-Residue 01 is indicated for all types of hair. Eliminates residues and impurities accumulated in the strands, providing hydration and restores shine and softness. Its pH 5.0 – 6.0, which eliminates grease, the residues of finisher products and of pollution, without leaving strands rough. At the same time, it cleans the shampoo repairs the damaged hair and provides shine, soft-touch and hydration to strands, easy to comb.


Professional Trivitt 02

Shampoo Post-Chemistry

Itallian Trivitt Shampoo Post-Chemistry 02 is an after chemical shampoo for hair chemically treated. Repairs damages, restore hydration and provides shine and soft hair. Clean without drying and leaves hair brushability after progressive brush, straightening, relaxation, coloring and bleaching for recovering chemical aggression with hydration, smoothing and repair for silky-touch and shine hair.


Professional Trivitt 03


Itallian Trivitt Intensive Hydration Hair Mask 03 is indicated for all types of hair. Repairs damages with hydration, shine and conditioning of strands. Penetrates into in the internal part of the hair fiber and strengthen strands against breakage with ingredients highly moisturizer that act in the sealing of the cuticles and in the restoration of the hydration lost for longer, which leaves hair shine, resistant and conditioned.


Professional Trivitt 04


Itallian Trivitt Conditioner 04 is a conditioner for all types of hair. Provides soft hair and conditioning with hydration. The composition of the Itallian Trivitt Conditioner 04 repairs the damaged parts of the hair, and simultaneously restores hydration and elasticity, and created a film that controls frizz, reduces volume and protects from dryness.


Professional Trivitt 05

Moisturizing Leave-in

Itallian Trivitt Leave-in Hidrating 05 is indicated for all types of hair. Reduces volume with hydration and conditioning, without weighting strands. Formula with thermal protection of the leave-in Itallian Trivitt Leave-in Hydrating 05 protects from frizz throughout the day, and preserves hydration within the fiber for a longer time, so that hair is soft and shine.


Professional Trivitt 06


Itallian Trivitt Fluid For Brush 06 is indicated for all types of hair. With thermal protection, facilitates brushing and prevents split ends. Speeds up drying of hair with dryer, besides creating a film on the strands that provides intense shine and soft. Its formula restores the damaged parts with sealing of cuticles and preserves hydration for a longer time.


Professional Trivitt 08


Itallian Trivitt Ends Repair 08 is an ends repair for all types of hair. Recovers shine, repairs split ends and conditions the hair strand. The technology with silicones of Trivitt Ends Repair 08 creates a film that protects the hair and leaves hair soft and brilliant shine, without weighing and oil-free.


Professional Trivitt 13

Gloss Hidra Cauter

Itallian Trivitt Gloss Hydra Cauter 13 is indicated for all types of hair. Prevents frizz with thermal protection, provides intense shine and velvety touch. Offers many benefits with ingredients that moisturize and strengthen hair fiber with damage repair, and at the same time it creates a protector film on the strands that leaves hair thicker, velvety-touch and brilliant shine.


Professional Trivitt 17

Power Oil

Itallian Trivitt Power Oil 17 is a finish oil for dry and damaged hair. Eliminates dryness and roughness with intense nutrition, disciplines and controls frizz. Acts in all layers of the hair fiber with nutrition of noble vegetable oils that leave hair softer and silky, besides restoring elasticity needed against breakage, providing brilliant shine, without leaving hair oily to the touch.


Professional Trivitt

Beach Spray Trivitt Sun

Ideal for application in the hair after diving, wither in swimming pool or at the beach. Thanks to the formula with sun block, country flowers and rosemary extract, Beach Spray Trivitt Sun prevents that hair becomes rough, providing hydration and balance to strands.