Completely updated, the Chantilly line has new technologies, fragrance and products that will facilitate the daily routine of hairdressers.

Created in 2002, the Chantilly line revolutionized the cosmetics market, bringing innovation and technology. In 2021, the Chantilly line returns with much more innovation and brings the best version of Nutrition and Technology for hair, showing that Chantilly’s smoothness goes far beyond the name.




The Chantilly line is composed of:

  • Nutrition Chantilly Shampoo 500ml
  • Nutrition Brazilian Bioplastic 500ml
  • Cream of Nutrition for Hair Chantilly 300ml
  • Chantilly Power – Nutrition Booster 200ml
  • Brazilian Bioplastic Kit 500ml
Post Chantilly para Cabelos



Cream of Nutrition for Hair Chantilly 300ml offers lipid and protein replacement and is recommended for dry and porous hair.

  • 50 applications of 6g.
  • Creamy foam
  • Ideal for dry and porous hair

Active: Vanilla extract / Omega 3 and 6

How to use: Shake well before using. Place the bottle upside down and press the valve until the required volume of foam is obtained for the application. Distribute the product on clean hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.

Post Power Chantilly


Chantilly Power – Nutrition Booster 200ml

The Chantilly Power is an excellent source of nourishment for the hair. It can be used together with the Cream of Nutrition for Hair Chantilly, enhancing results, or also as a leave-in.

Active: Red Fruit / Vanilla Extract

How to use:

As a nourishment step: apply small amount on clean hair, leaving it for 5 minutes and then rinsing.

As a nourishment booster: mix small amount of Chantilly Power into 6g of Cream of Nutrition for Hair Chantilly. Apply to hair and rinse.

As leave-in: apply a small amount to clean hair, let it dry naturally or brush.

Post Bioplastia Chantilly


Brazilian Bioplastic 500ml

Brazilian Bioplastic is a new concept of Brazilian straightening that is emerging in the market, being a product indicated for voluminous hair. It temporarily aligns the strands, reduces frizz and maintains the hair’s natural movement, delivering a lot of shine and softness.


How to use: Shake the bottle before using. Wash your hair with Nutrition Chantilly Shampoo. Thoroughly rinse the threads.  Blow-dry your hair from 80% to 100%.  Apply the product aligning the strands with the help of a comb for better distribution.  Leave on for 25 to 60 minutes.  After the pause time, rinse, brush the strands with the help of a brush and a dryer, pass the flat iron, dividing the hair into thin layers. Once the hair is ready, it does not need to be washed.

Post Shampoo Chantilly


Nutrition Chantilly Shampoo 500ml

Indicated for dry and malnourished hair, the Nutrition Chantilly Shampoo offers an excellent experience of cleansing hair. Result: soft and silky hair.

Active: Vanilla extract

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount to damp hair, gently massaging the strands. Rinse and repeat application if necessary.